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The Heartland Cultural Alliance is back in the business of supporting membership through a mini-grant program. The HCA receives $20 from every State of the Art license plate sold in Highlands County (Do you have yours yet?).  It is our goal to re-grant this money to member’s projects by selection committee.  It has taken a year to refocus and update the granting guidelines to reflect the goals of the new HCA

The grant committee, has been chosen based on their involvement in the arts, business and community.  Furthermore, the committee members, who are ineligible to receive grants, have been given autonomy to write the criteria and judge the applicants.  This is a new door we opened and HCA wants the process to be as simple and impartial as possible. 

We welcome all ideas that will advance the art & culture community and enrich the lives of all who live in/ and visit Highlands County .  Individual artists are also eligible to apply but their proposal must come through their affiliated not-for-profit organization.  The deadline for grant proposals is December 31, 2012. Notice will be sent via email to members & member organizations.

Bring on the ideas we are eager to invest in you!

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