JIM FITCH - As An Artist

Must see show at Heartland Gallery of Fine Art, Sebring Regional Airport

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Jim and Anne Fitch have been involved in many art related enterprises for over forty years as gallery owners, art teachers, artists representatives, art promoters, independent curators of art exhibits and more. Jim's last job was founding Curator/Director of the Museum of Florida Art and Culture (MOFAC), With all those involvements Jim was never inspired to create art until he read Maxine Masterfield's book, Painting the Spirit of Nature that featured a style probably best called Abstract/Naturalism done with water based materials. Jim calls it "pour and pray". He has developed a method he calls paper inlay which requires intricate cutting and assembling of the various shapes and forms cut from the previously prepared papers.

Contact Jim:

13238 US 98,Sebring, FL 33876
(863) 655-0412, Spouse: Meredith Anne, Ema
il: jim.fitch@gmail.com

Fuzzy Wuzzy Conquers Negative Space (c) Jim Fitch 2010

"Negative space is an aspect of painting that can best be understood by comparing it to the viewer seeing a bunny or duck in a cloud formation. Negative space is not intended to be an object in the painting but rather is just part of the painting that holds everything together. Artists often get so involved in what they are painting they forget that even negative space has shape and if it is recognized as something realistic or easily identified by the viewer it distracts from the artists intent." Jim Fitch