TDC Proposal in a Nutshell

Tourist Development Council (TDC) proposes an ordinance
removing its obligation to promote Art & Culture

What does this mean to Highlands County ?

Brief History:

The TDC was created ten years ago to manage tourist tax dollars under a plan voted in by the public.  In the plan 17% of revenue was to be put in a separate fund used only to promote Art & Culture (A&C).

TDC ignored the ordinance for ten years. Last year our county commission was called to task by the state. Joint Legislative Committee.
An internal audit reviled that:
  • 17% of tax revenue designated for a fund used to promote A&C was used instead to fund sporting events and TDC administration cost
  • This resulted in the return of some $162,000 of the $3444,000 missing from the Art & Culture fund. The fund is still managed by TDC.

The effect of TDC proposed ordinance on A&C:

  • Art & culture will be abolished as a category receiving a percent of tourist tax dollars
  • No future funds will be set aside to promote A&C
  • 70% of funds will be used as the TDC sees fit without guidelines
  • There is no guarantee that future tourist tax dollars will ever be used to promote A&C assets

The Outcome for the county

  • The ability to attract the cultural tourist known to grow and diversify rural economies will be crippled
  • Our quality of life, children’s potential for academic achievement, ability to attract new businesses with high paying jobs, and the community’s well being is being shortchanged
  • No public voice or recourse for at least three years

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